Target Body, I’m Getting There

You know how you would go clean up your place and just get distracted by some things you do not remember having. In my case, it is not just my real life, concrete place that I have to clean up and organize; I also like fixing up my virtual spaces, like Facebook, Twitter and my other social networking accounts.

I remember about 2 months ago, I have been so busy with work, family, and other things that I have not been paying attention to my online accounts. Then one night, I finally have the chance to go online a little longer, I went to Facebook and I start my clean up (By clean up I mean, checking friend requests, approving tagged photos and the likes), and I saw how unhealthy I look.

Perfect shape

Let me just tell you, 5’4 ft. And 202 lbs. does NOT look good combined. I didn’t used to upload that much pictures, so those tagged photos are quite the eye opener. As I browse through the photos, I started feeling bad for myself; I knew right then and there that something has to change, but I didn’t have much time back then.

I started researching for diet trends and fitness hypes, that is when I came across Garcinia Cambogia. I have read good reviews about it, how it helps you lose weight fast even with only a bit of exercise, and I also did my own research on the stuff, they say that it is a natural fat burner, and it helps in managing urges to eat.

It took me a while before actually buying some. I was scared, and to be honest, I was skeptical. The Garcinia Cambogia reviews were too good, I mean, you can’t have the best of both worlds, there must be some downside to this. I had doubts, but since it says it’s natural, how bad can it be? Garcinia Cambogia comes in tea form and capsule types; I went with the capsule type since I am not a fan of tea. You are supposed to take it an hour before meals; I followed the recommended dosage, and took it daily.

The effects were immediate; I kept a weight journal so I could keep track on my progress. What I noticed is that I didn’t have as much cravings as I did before, in fact, I didn’t have much appetite for anything else. I used to be able to eat at least 2 burgers with large fries, and don’t get me started with my sweets, but with the help of Garcinia Cambogia, I was able to cut down my food intake quite significantly.

Oh! forgot to tell you one of my friend recommended me to try African Mango before trying Garcinia Cambogia Extract. But I decided to go with my way since Dr Oz. recommended it as one of the best and fastest weight loss supplements.

From 202 lbs. I shrunk to 190 lbs, and that is without exercise (I still can’t seem to find time for it at that time). When I saw how fast it worked, I decided to work up my game and started eating clean. I even started waking up early so I could jog for a good 30 minutes. Progress is sweet, I tell you. I have lost 20 pounds and counting. I am going to continue taking Garcinia Cambogia and see how far it takes me.

What is Premier Plastic Surgery?

There are two major components of plastic surgery namely; reconstructive and plastic surgery. While reconstructive surgery is meant to correct deformities as a result of birth defects, accidents, illness or injuries, plastic surgeries are a matter of choice for a patient. Someone looking to alter a given body feature to fit a given standard may go for surgery because he/she can foot the high cost that comes with it.

Premier Plastic SurgerySome of the body parts individuals alter include face, tummy, thighs, breasts, cheeks, lips, nose, legs and buttocks. Even though surgeries are meant to improve looks, there are instances when surgeries fail, leaving patients miserable and heartbroken. These failures are however minimal. And while others can be corrected, some are impossible to correct as any attempt to do so may only result in worse case scenarios.

Because of these occasional failures, many patients seeking cosmetic surgeries tend to go to centers that have exceptional success stories. Premier Plastic Surgery is one way most clients go when they want to undergo surgeries that only speak of success and nothing less. At premier plastic surgery, the surgeons are committed to combining exceptional patient care, surgical expertise and artistry to help a client achieve naturally excellent results.

A patient who wishes to have cosmetic surgery will be offered a uniquely tailored plan that is customized to suit a patient’s needs. When a patient walks into the center, they will meet plastic surgeons, registered nurses, physicians, dermatologists, medical aestheticians, laser specialists, massage therapists among other specialists. The massage therapists are also trained in the latest anti-aging therapies. There are synergist brand of care that are beyond strict limits of a particular specialty, promoting skin rejuvenation and total beauty of the face as well as the whole body, like that of Nicole Kidman’s as shown on this page –

Plastic surgery is all about safety. Every patient seeking surgery will wish to have a successful surgery. Premier plastic surgery is dedicated to providing uncompromised and quality cosmetic plastic surgery in a peaceful, confidential and respectful atmosphere. They are committed to educational promotion, beauty enhancement and excellence that come through artistic judgment and expertise. This is as a result of fellowship training beyond medical school and residency. A number of these surgeons have held academic appointments from recognized medical institutions.

Areas of expertise for these surgeons include facial reconstruction, endoscopic carpal tunnel, arthroscopic surgery of the wrist, breast reconstruction, microvascular surgery, cleft lip, palate surgery, tissue transfer, breast enhancement, facial sculpting, body contouring and many more. All these procedures are performed in very exceptional environments. Facilities are modern with trained professionals to handle them.

Before a patient chooses a particular center for any particular procedure, it would be wise to find out the kind of procedures that the center offers. Your health is your safety, and you have a responsibility towards it. Once you have identified the surgeon, be free to ask all the questions that are lingering in your mind.

Be responsible by following the surgeon’s instructions to the latter. In most cases, the healing process depends on how well you take care of yourself. If you wish to look younger like Kenny Rogers, well, you have to get a facial from a recognized center with trained professionals.

Right here you can check out the pictures of celebrity plastic surgery before and after. Though there are many successful surgeries, disasters are also common in Hollywood.

Garcinia Cambogia: Best Way to Look Beautiful Without Any Surgery

From the past, looking beautiful has been an eternal struggle for almost everyone. Whether it’s their color, size or shape, aesthetics never fails to top the list of insecurities of both sexes. Slimming down has the highest count of interest among all the other flaws that men and women have. Different slimming options have been available to the market, both surgical and natural. But the question is, why spend thousands of dollars on surgeries and pills that can cause more problems or nothing at all?

Garcinia Cambogia ExtractLuckily there’s Garcinia Cambogia Extract. This sour fruit is a native from Indonesia that is packed with Hydroxycitric Acid, an acid that can burn fat and decrease appetite naturally. Unlike most slimming drugs in the market, Garcinia Cambogia gives off more benefits and solutions. There will be no need to go broke over cosmetic or kidney surgeries because here is the wonder fruit that has taken America by storm.

Garcinia Cambogia can make any slightly or greatly obese person feel as if he had been blessed with a miracle. Listed below are some of this fruit’s contributions to beautification:

1. Slimming capabilities without much effort

Recent experiments have proven that taking Garcinia Cambogia regularly can make a person lose 2-3 pounds in a week depending on their type of work. Because of its HCA component, this fruit can actually make a person slimmer in a matter of time without much effort coming from them. Even if that person in unemployed and is just staying at home doing minor household chores, this fruit’s extract can work wonders and slim him down with HCA’s properties as mentioned earlier.

2. It improves your mood

Another element to a beautiful person is a positive outlook and cheerful personality. No one ever says “Look how beautiful that woman is when she frowns!” And by that reason, Garcinia Cambogia is presented as the better alternative to anti-depressants. This is possible by the use of HCAs that affect serotonin levels in the central nervous system and commands it to make sure that a person is more lax and that he can have better sleep. It is a common fact that better quality of sleep in people makes them more progressive and positive during their day.

3. Regulates skin

Garcinia Cambogia also acts as a detoxifier. Other examples of detoxifiers are tea and coffee, but they don’t exhibit the same effect that of this fruit. After taking this, the average person may get to have a regular bowel movement or could go even more frequent if regular. Whenever people release toxins from their body, the skin shows how its efficacy. People who don’t normally “go” often normally have drier skin than those who do. Getting enough sleep as regulated by the HCAs reaction to serotonin levels also contribute to this since better sleep means better skin and less stress.

4. A natural de-stressor

People who intake Garcinia Cambogia regularly are most likely to become energized rather than stressed (For more info go to: This is because it can regulate cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that manages the stress in one’s body which makes this fruit’s extract the best option for regular workers.

People look even more beautiful when they are de-stressed and are enjoying their diet plans. Garcinia Cambogia might just be the perfect match for everyone, office workers or not.